Memorials & Commemoratives

Browning Park Commemorative Stone
Located at Browning Park (15th Street & 22nd Avenue), The Commemorative Stones are available for those individuals who have served or are currently serving our country through military service.
Browning Commemorative Stone Application

Commemorative Stone

Memorial Bricks   

Memorial Pavers are a perfect way to remember those you love, including your 4-legged family member at the new Butterworth Dog Park (exact design tbd). Pavers will be engraved with your choice of wording (3 lines, 12 spaces per line) and are placed in the patios within six weeks of ordering.
Ben Butterworth Parkway - 35th Street & River Drive
Milt Hand Softball Complex - 60th Street & 50th Avenue
Butterworth Dog Park - 15th Street & 7th Avenue
Fee: $85 per brick
Brick Paver Application (Ben Butterworth Parkway & Milt Hand Softball Complex)
Butterworth Dog Park Brick Paver Application

ben butterworth paverIMG_8467

Memorial Benches

The City of Moline specified standard is a 6 foot, metal bench, black in color. Memorial plaques are placed within the concrete foundation of the bench. Plaque inscription consists of 3 lines, 12 spaces per line.

If your bench is ordered between February 16 - August 15, installation will take place in late Fall. If your bench is ordered between August 16 - February 15, installation will take place in late Spring.

You can choose to place a bench in any park. If you select Ben Butterworth Parkway it must replace one of the existing wood benches. All locations to be approved by the Parks & Recreation Department.
Fee: $2,000
Memorial Bench Order Form