City of Moline Tax Increment Financing Districts

TIF 1 - Downtown (Dissolved)

TIF #1 (Downtown) was established in 1986. It is Moline’s largest TIF district at .52 square miles and it’s most active. There has been over $300 million in private and public investment. Moline has transformed its once blighted industrial and original commercial district into a mixed-use tourism, services and entertainment district. There has been a wide range of completed projects including Heritage Place, the i-Wireless Center, John Deere Commons, Bass Street Landing, the Midtowne parking ramp, the LeClaire Hotel, Stoney Creek Inn, and the Alsene/Sundene Flats. In 2001, its termination date was extended 12 years. TIF #1 was amended in 2009 to accommodate the creation of TIF #5. TIF #1 will expire in 2021. Click here to view a map of TIF #1.

Downtown at night

TIF 2 - One Moline Place

TIF #2 (One Moline Place) was established in 1998. The TIF area consisted of a vacant hospital complex situated on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. Pavilion One was demolished in 1999 and the former Moline Public Hospital was demolished in 2002. The site has experienced several redevelopment concepts. The original plan identified senior housing and a regional sports complex. As the market would not sustain that type of development, the developer changed the plan to a mix of single family, condominiums, and townhouses. The site of the former hospital has been partially developed. The TIF district was amended in 2010 in order to accommodate the creation of TIF #6. In 2011, the termination date for TIF #2 was extended 12 years. TIF #2 will expire in 2033. Click here to view a map of TIF #2.

One Moline Place

TIF 3 - Old Moline High School

TIF #3 (Old Moline High School) was created in 2004. The catalyst for the creation of the TIF district was the conversion of the vacant, former Moline High School into a residential community. The Old Moline High School Lofts opened in 2006. The project includes 26 one-bedroom apartments, 22 two-bedroom apartments, 12 three-bedroom apartments at affordable and market rate rents. Twelve of these units are targeted toward the physically disabled. The development includes a media center, a business center, a community room, and a fitness room. The total project cost was $9,885,426. TIF #3 will expire in 2027. Click here to view a map of TIF #3.

Brick Building

TIF 4 Autum Trails (Dissolved)

TIF #4 (Autumn Trails) was created in 2005. The vacant, former Bethany Home for Children foster care center was demolished the same year. Autumn Trails, a community for seniors, began construction in 2006. Energy efficient single family homes, town homes and an assisted living center will comprise the development. A portion of the project was completed December, 2013 and the remainder of the project was completed in 2017. TIF #4 was dissolved per Ordinance 3048-2017. Click here to view a map of TIF #4.

Autumn Trails Home

TIF 5 - KONE Centre

TIF #5 (KONE Centre) was established in 2009. The eight story, 125,000 square foot mixed-use KONE Centre cost $41.3 million. The tower opened August, 2012. The project allowed KONE to consolidate its local presence into one location. KONE Centre is the first Core and Shell PLATINUM LEED building in the state of Illinois. TIF #5 will expire in 2032. Click here to view a map of TIF #5. You can also view a copy of the Redevelopment Plan.


TIF 6 - Moline Place Phase II & III

TIF 6 - Moline Place Phase II & III TIF #6 (Moline Place Phase II & III) was created in 2010. The demolition of the former nurses’ dormitory occurred in December, 2010. The City of Moline assumed possession of the approximately 25 acre site in February, 2011. A request for proposals was issued March 1, 2011. The City of Moline has envisioned a mixed-density residential development that would complement the One Moline Place development. Construction is currently underway for Overlook Village, a senior living community, which is expected to open sometime in 2018. TIF #6 will expire in 2033. Click here to view a map of TIF #6.

Moline Senior Living Rendering

TIF 7 - Moline Business Park

TIF #7 (Moline Business Park) was created in 2011. The vacant site is approximately 134 acres and can be subdivided into 19 different lots ranging from 0.9 acres to 53.3 acres a lot. The City has made infrastructure and utility improvements to the site to facilitate development. TIF #7 will expire in 2034. Click here to view a map of TIF #7. You may also view a copy of the Redevelopment Plan.

QC Industrial Airpark

TIF 8 - Southpark Mall

TIF #8 (Southpark) was created in 2013 and is part of the Southpark Mall Revitalization Project. 250,000 square feet of Southpark Mall was demolitioned and a major renovation of the remaining building took place in 2014-2015. Signalized right-in right-out enterance off of John Deere Road were updated as well. Click here to view a map of TIF #8.

Southpark Mall

TIF 9 - Route 6 & 150

TIF 9 (Route 6 & 150) was created in 2012. It is envisioned that the 42 acre site will attract commercial and light industrial users. TIF 9 will expire in 2035. Click here to view a map of TIF #9. You may also view the Route 6 & 150 Redevelopment Plan.

TIF 9 Map

TIF 10 - Health Park

TIF 10 (Health Park) was created in 2012. The 49 acre site is home to Genesis Health System's 41st Street Wellness Campus. The City entered into a development agreement with Genesis in December 2012 for phase I of the campus. The $10 million project has since been completed. TIF 10 will expire in 2035. Click here to view a map of TIF #10.

Genisis Building

TIF 11 - Multi-Modal Area

TIF #11 (Multi-Modal Area) was created in 2013. The are contains approximately 21.6 acres and will include improvements of $16,000,000 to the former O'Rourke Building, demolition of obsolete buildings, and construction of private buildings. The redevelopment plan for this area consists of the Quad Cities Multi-Modal Station, currently under construction and located at the northeast corner of 12th Street and 4th Avenue. The Multi-Modal Station will accommodate the new passenger rail service with access to Chicago via Amtrak. This project is over 60% funded through TIGER II Funds. Click here to view a map of TIF #11.

Multi-Modal Area

TIF 12 - Riverbend Commons

TIF #12 (Riverbend Commons) was created in 2013. This area is home to Western Illinois University Quad Cities Riverfront Campus. Redevelopment has consisted of multiple phases of construction to accommodate student housing, retail and amenity space, as well as commercial and mixed use development. The redevelopment is consistent with the River Tech concept plan and was projected to cost over $24,000,000 to complete. Click here to view a map of TIF #12.

The Mills

TIF 13 - Moline Centre

This new TIF District encompasses the heart of Moline Centre and is focused on redevelopment of existing properties along 5th Avenue, 6th Avenue and areas under the soon to be vacated I-74 right-of-way. Contemplated projects include new residential development along 6th Avenue as well as conversion of the Chase Building, the 5th Avenue Building, and the Spiegel Building, as well as the upper story redevelopment of several other properties in the District. Click here to view a map of TIF #13. You may view a copy of the Redevelopment Plan by clicking here.

5th Avenue Building