18th Street B Reconstruction Project

The 18th Street B Reconstruction Project will take place between Avenue of the Cities and 25th Avenues in Moline.  The project will include pavement replacement with an asphalt pavement structure, sidewalk repairs, driveway repairs, drainage improvements, water main replacement, sanitary sewer replacement, and other associated work.

This project is being funded with Tax funds for Electric and Gas Usage.

This location was chosen due to the failing sanitary sewer. 

Timeline:  Summer 2018 and Summer 2019

Contractor:  Needham Excavating, Inc.

Capital Improvement Project:  #1285


  • Tax on Electric and Gas Usage 340,000
  • Water 230,000
  • Sewer 370,000
  • Stormwater 10,000

Contacts:  Darrel Preston, Construction Manager

                  (309) 524-2355


   Joe Puck, Engineering Technician, II

   (309) 524-2361