Online Renewal

The City of Moline Liquor License renewal process can now be completed online.  You will need to complete the renewal form that matches your business's classification from the list below.  An account on the City's website must be created before you can begin filling out your form.  This account will allow you to save your progress during completion of a form and for the fields to auto-fill during next year's renewal.  After the renewal form has been completed, you will be required to pay the annual renewal fee and any additional license option fees that are included for your business.  The following forms may be required during or after the online form process:

  • Owner Information form
  • Liquor License Manager form
  • Illinois Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification(s) OR copy of a current ANSI Accredited Certified Food Protection Manager Certificate (required for Class A and AA Restaurant liquor licenses only)
  • BASSET Training Certification
  • State of Illinois Liquor License
  • Liquor Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Certificate of Good Standing or printed documentation from Illinois Secretary of
    State, if licensee is a corporation or limited liability company
  • Documentation of any change in the status of the business                                                As a licensee, you have a continuing duty to promptly disclose all changes in information provided in your application, including any ownership changes, liquor manager changes, and arrests or criminal charges, regardless of the outcome.  

Online Liquor License renewal forms