Stormwater Leaves

Dear Moline Residents, 

Fall is here! Time to get out the flannels and stock up on s’more supplies. This is often considered to be one of the most beautiful times of year as the trees get ready for winter and we are all treated to a brilliant display of their colors throughout our community. Unfortunately, those beautiful colors also mean leaves will begin to drop, and that can present challenges. While we’re proud to be offering our leaf vacuuming program again this year, there are many beneficial uses of fallen leaves that you may not be aware of. Please read the article below from the University of Illinois Extension Office for ways we can reduce our leaf waste and benefit from them each fall.


We hope you all enjoy this autumn season!           leaf           

Stormwater Division

The City of Moline Stormwater Division strives to find ways to protect our water ways and encourage development at the same time. The Mississippi and Rock Rivers draw visitors from around the world and it is our job to continue to make it an asset to be enjoyed by others for years to come. This division is tasked with finding a balance between the regulations of the Nations Clean Water Act and encouraging growth and development of our community. Please let us know if we can assist you or your project in finding that balance so that everyone can benefit.