FORWARD is a free online portal that connects local businesses in the City of Moline to a comprehensive list of resources—grants, loans, credits, offers, and local incentives. It’s a one-stop shop for recovery programs.

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  • Explore dozens of federal, state, and local assistance programs.
  • Quickly find resources you are eligible for, based on your business profile.
  • Chat live with a dedicated City staff member.

How FORWARD works


  • Log in with your password (if you have not received one via e-mail, Contact Us)
  • Review your business profile and settings.
  • Browse the list of resources, filtering by eligibility and type.
  • Apply online and track your progress.

Sweet New City LogoThe City is committed to helping all business,especially small business owners, to get back on track and bring back our City’s robust growth.  Together, we move FORWARD.

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