The Center for Youth and Family Solutions


The Moline Police Department is proud to enter into a new and innovative partnership with The Center for Youth and Family Solutions (CYFS) to pair police and social workers together for enhanced services to our community. 

The purpose of this new agreement is to establish a continuing working relationship and increased access to social work services to individuals that come in contact with the police department who present the need for social work referral or intervention. This project has both a short and long term plan. In Phase 1, which began August 2020, the project consists of enhanced collaboration in serving target populations in Comprehensive Community Based Youth Services and Homeless Youth programs. In Phase 2, the project looks to expand the populations served to youth, adults and families in a more expansive model of service in education, crisis response, casework and clinical services.

The Moline Police Department co-located the social workers with the Juvenile Investigation Division. CYFS and Moline Police work together to provide diversion and intervention programs to help divert cases from the criminal justice system. CYFS social workers also work closely with the department School Resource Officers and the Moline School District.

This project is the result of a collaborative effort between Moline Police Chief Darren Gault and CYFS Chief Operating Officer Anthony Riordan. Talks began in June 2020 and the two organizations have been worked diligently to put the details of the program together for implementation in August 2020.

The Center for Youth and Family Solutions is a comprehensive, not-for-profit social service agency that provides strength-based, family-centered services to youth and families in need throughout Central Illinois.

CYFS Programs & Services

The Center for Youth and Family Services offers critical counseling, casework, and support services to help people struggling with trauma, grief, loss, abuse, neglect and other significant family life challenges. 

CYFS provides: foster care services for abused and neglected children; adoption services; crisis response for runaways and their families; delinquency prevention services for at-risk youth; residential treatment for abused and neglected boys; professional counseling for children, individuals, couples, and families; in-home counseling for seniors; mental health crisis response for youth; and community advocacy programs. CYFS serves over 20,000 people each year throughout 37 counties.

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