Curbside Recycling Collection

  • If you are currently receiving garbage collection from the City of Moline, you will automatically receive curbside recycling at a charge of $3.69 per month on your utility bill.
  • Recycling will be collected every other week on your regularly scheduled day of garbage collection. To determine when your recycling pickup will be, first look on your cart lid for the word "white" or "maroon". Please view the recycling calendar for weekly schedule and holidays. 
  • The recycling program is single stream, meaning all of your recyclables go into one cart for collection that includes the following materials:  newspaper, newspaper inserts, magazines, paper bags, telephone books, catalogs, office paper, junk mail, envelopes of any type, corrugated cardboard, chipboard, wet strength carrier stock (chip board), frozen food paper packages, juice boxes, bulky cardboard, all #1 PET plastic containers, all #2 HDPE plastic containers, all #3 (V-vinyl/polyvinyl Chloride-PVC) plastic containers, all #4 LDPE plastic containers, all #5 (PP-polypropylene) plastic containers, all #6 (PS-polystyrene) plastic containers, all #7 – other plastic, formed steel containers, aluminum cans, tin/steel/bi-metal cans, glass (clear and colored), and aseptic packaging.
  • On your recycle week, place your cart at the curb three feet from your garbage cart or any other structure such as a fence, garage or another vehicle.

Recycle - Do's & Don'ts

  • Rinse out all cans and containers before recycling them.
  • Labels on cans are OK but throw the sharp lids away.
  • Throw away food contaminated paper and foil.
  • Break down cardboard so it will fit and save space in your curbside recycling cart and to save space at the drop-off center.

Recycling Sites

View Drop-Off Recycling Site for information about Rock Island County Waste Management Agency for locations of recycling sites, unacceptable items, reminders, and proper disposal.