Food Serving Licenses

Food Sanitation Code

Because structural and equipment specifications must be consistent with the City Health Code, a listing of minimum standards has been compiled for your convenience. All of these requirements must be satisfied and approved by the environmental health specialist at the time of issuance of the health license. If questions arise, please call Holly Jackson at 309.524.2370.

Food Service/Retail Food License Application

A Food Service/Retail Food License Application and Plan Review Packet must be completed and submitted to the building / Inspections office located at 3635 4th Avenue, Moline. The licensing fee must accompany the application that is based on the square footage of the establishment. In addition, a layout plan of the construction or renovation must be received for approval prior to beginning the project.

Food Sanitation Certification

The facility shall be under the operational supervision of a manager or supervisor who is certified in Food Sanitation of the State of Illinois. Those establishments not in compliance at the time of licensing shall have three months to comply in accordance with Section 750.540 of the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).