Temporary Food Service License


A completed application form shall be completed by the applicant / organization and submitted along with the $40 license fee to the department for approval five days prior to event. Approval of any application is based on information provided on the form and on any follow-up information obtained. Final permission to operate is determined by a satisfactory on-site inspection prior to the start of your operation. Please feel free to contact this office at 309.524.2373 if you have any questions.


Provide an adequate supply of thermometers to check refrigeration and food temperatures. Metal stem, “bayonet” type thermometers shall be provided. Be sure to sanitize the probe between uses by wiping with an alcohol swab or immersing in a sanitizer solution.

Dispensing Utensils

Be sure to have enough scoops, tongs, and ladles to serve food and ice. Note: Never use bare hands or allow customers to use hands to serve food. If you use plastic gloves, check often for holes and change whenever they are soiled or after handling raw food products.

Single-serve Articles

Use only single-serve (disposable) plates, forks, spoons, napkins, etc. for food service. Keep all these articles covered and up off the ground until used. When dispensing forks and other utensils, position them so that only the handles are exposed. That way the food contact surfaces are protected from possible contamination. Reuse is strictly prohibited. Single service articles shall be passed out by personnel or be stored in dispensers for customers self service.

Source of Food

All food served must be from an approved source. No Home-prepared foods are permitted at any time. When planning your menu, choose items requiring minimal preparation. Your best choices are cook-to-order items such as: hamburgers, hot dogs, tenderloins, sausages, etc.

Additional Information

View additional requirements for when preparing to have a food service station.