License Requirements


Three basic pieces of equipment are required in any establishment applying for a Food / Beverage Health License.

  • A three-compartment sink large enough to accommodate your largest utensil and equipped with double drain boards (Sec. 750.820(a), IDPH);
  • Hand washing sink supplied with hot and cold running tempered water, soap, and paper towels (Sec. 750.1120(a), IDPH);
  • A mop sink or curbed cleaning facility for cleaning mops and the disposal of waste water (Sec. 750.1220(b), IDPH). This last requirement can be waived if an existing mop sink is located within close proximity to the food preparation area.

All installed equipment must be of commercial grade and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved.

Fried Food

If food-frying equipment is operated, a grease trap will need to be installed in an accessible location for routine cleaning. A ventilation hood and fire extinguishing system may be required.


The floors, walls, and ceilings in the food preparation, utensil washing, food storage, and food service areas shall be non-absorbent, non-porous, and smooth in order to facilitate cleaning. If the floor material is to be one of the following coverings (concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tile, or a similar material, the floor / wall juncture shall be a sealed baseboard.

Certified Food Manager

All food service establishments shall be under the operational supervision of an Illinois certified food manager. Those establishments not in compliance at the time of operation shall have three months to comply.