Bicycle Patrol

About the Program

Since 1993, the Moline Police Department Bicycle Patrol Program has been an integral part of our community oriented policing philosophy. Officers on bicycles may be seen patrolling our streets and parks, offering a police presence in areas that are not readily accessible by squad cars.

Event Involvement

Bicycle patrol officers are present during large events at the Tax Slayer Center as well as at the Quad Cities Marathon, Ride the River and Taste of the Quad Cities. The officers are able to move silently and swiftly in a crowd or parking lot, which affords them better opportunities to observe those in attendance. Additionally, the C.O.P. officers frequently use their bicycles to patrol their assigned areas. Bicycle rodeos for children are another venue where the expertise of our bicycle patrol officers is put to good use. Children are given both classroom instruction and practical exercises in the safe operation of bicycles.


The officers are required to complete an extensive training course prior to being assigned to patrol on bikes. Each year, additional officers are taught how to ride safely and comfortably in traffic, off-road and under various conditions. They spend hours in skill development, riding in diverse traffic situations, and practicing police specific techniques and tactics. They learn to hop curbs, descend stairs and perform emergency maneuvers designed to avoid crashes.

Photo Gallery

View pictures of the bicycle patrol hard at work.