Rezoning & Planned Unit Development

Rezoning & Planned Unit Development District

The Planned Unit Development (PUD) district is intended for mixed-use or unique single use projects to provide design flexibility not available through strict application and interpretation of the zoning and land use standards. Planned Unit Development rezonings should be used only when long-term community benefits will be achieved through high quality development, including:

  1. More efficient infrastructure
  2. Reduced traffic demands
  3. A greater quality and quantity of public and/or private open space
  4. Other recreational amenities
  5. Needed housing types and/or mix
  6. Innovative designs; and/or
  7. Protection and/or preservation of natural resources

Criteria and procedures for PUD rezonings are listed at Sec. 35-2205 of the Zoning and Land Development Code. Submittal requirements are provided in greater detail at Sec. 35-3705.

Zoning Map Amendment (Rezoning)

A property owner who wishes to use land for purposes other than those permitted by the current zoning classification may request a zoning map amendment, known as rezoning. A rezoning may occur following a public hearing held before the Plan Commission and final approval from the City Council. There are a series of criteria to be considered, including compliance with the Comprehensive Plan, listed at Sec. 35-2203(c) of the Zoning and Land Development Code.