Utility Rates

Stormwater Utility Fee

The Stormwater Utility Fee is collected from all real properties in the City on a quarterly basis. The fees are used exclusively to maintain and improve the storm sewer in Moline. Over 115 miles of pipe, nearly 5,878 catch basins and inlets, and countless ravines and ditches in the City require frequent repair and additions are made each year to help alleviate flooding and drainage problems in the City. Under the City’s Stormwater Utility Rate Structure, residential units (four living units or less) will be billed quarterly at these flat rates.

Small - Under 1/4 Acre$5.84
Medium - 1/4 to 1/2 Acre$11.24
Large - 1/2 to 2 Acres$23.07

Larger and Non-Residential Properties

For all residential properties greater than 2 acres in size and all non-residential properties, the fee will be based on the equivalent hydraulic acreage (EHA) of the property. EHA is a method of measuring the impact of a property on the City’s stormwater system and is based on the combined impact of the measured impervious and undeveloped areas of the property. The formula for calculating each property’s EHA is: EHA = (Impervious Acreage x 0.95) + (Pervious Acreage x 0.15)

The Quarterly Stormwater Utility Fee for all residential properties greater than 2 acres in size and all non-residential properties is equal to $87.83 times the EHA.


Properties with stormwater retention features such as rain barrels, detention ponds or rain gardens may submit calculations from a certified engineer that document the percentage of water retained. The City will review the calculations and make adjustments to the Stormwater Utility Fee as appropriate. Properties which discharge to an approved stormwater retention system or directly to the Mississippi or Rock Rivers may apply for a discount from the quarterly charge of up to 100%. Vacant property that has only pervious surfaces will be exempted from the fee.