Is the City's Corporation Counsel "my attorney" if I live in the City of Moline?

No. The City's Corporation Counsel does not represent individuals in private legal matters and is not authorized to give legal advice to the public. Corporation Counsel for the City of Moline represents City officials and employees in matters arising out of the course of their duties and City departments and agencies in the course of their business as City entities. The Legal Services Specialist is available to answer inquiries about City ordinances and to refer complainants to the appropriate City department when allegations of ordinance violations are received or as other requests for services are generated. If you need assistance with a private matter, two services may be of assistance. Both Help Legal Assistance and Prairie State Legal Services offer legal assistance to qualifying low-income individuals or families. Help Legal Assistance is located at 736 Federal Street in Davenport, Iowa; the telephone number is 563.322.6216. Prairie State Legal Services is located at 1600 4th Avenue, Suite 200, Rock Island, IL 61201; the telephone number is 309.794.1328. If you do not meet the income requirements of Help Legal Assistance or Prairie State Legal Services, you may contact the Lawyer Referral Service at 563.324.1772.

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