What is a water meter?

Water meters are installed in the homes and businesses connected to the City's water distribution system. These water meters accurately measure and record water use within the premises. The water meter readings are collected on a quarterly basis and the consumption data is used to prepare the water and sewer portion of your City utility bill. Water use varies in each home and building, depending upon the number of occupants, life style, quantity and age of water appliances among other factors. Even among residential customers with the same number of family members, there is substantial variation of water use within individual homes. The accuracy of water meters is important to both the water consumers and the City. Accordingly, the City completed a comprehensive water meter replacement program in 2010. The water meters installed during this project exceed industry accuracy standards and feature integrated radio transmitters and digital registers. The radio transmitters allow City staff to collect water meter readings using a mobile data collector. City staff monitors your water use and the performance of your water meter in conjunction with quarterly meter reading operations. If a problem is discovered, we will contact you to gain access to assess the problem, which may include leaving a blue door hanger at your premises. Please contact our utility billing staff at 309.524.2321 to arrange for our personnel to investigate and correct the problem.

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