Why is the permit threshold (500 square foot land disturbance) so low?
The City of Moline is required by the State and Federal EPA to meet certain criteria for pollution prevention and control. Hundreds of construction projects around the City are at or above the 500 square foot limit, which is about a 20’x26’ 2-car garage. The Stormwater Ordinance was created to address construction projects that contribute to water pollution and if the threshold is set much higher, common projects like 2-car garages, home additions and driveway replacements would go unknown to the City. Although the Stormwater Ordinance would still apply, the City would have no means of informing homeowners and contractors of their responsibilities and no way of monitoring the projects for compliance. In essence, the threshold is low to accomplish the goals of the Ordinance.

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5. Why is the permit threshold (500 square foot land disturbance) so low?
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