Can I store a recreational vehicle (RV) on my property?
Moline residents may store one (1) recreational vehicle outdoors on their property if the RV does not exceed 20 feet in overall length, 8 feet in width, or 6 feet in overall height. An RV meeting these size limitations may be stored in a rear yard only and must be parked on a concrete pad. The RV must be licensed and registered, in a safe condition, and cannot be used for living or housekeeping purposes. RVs include camper trailers, travel trailers, truck campers, motor homes, boats and boat trailers, horse trailers, and all utility or cargo trailers.

RVs not meeting these size limitations may not be stored anywhere on a residential property but may be parked for up to 24 hours for loading, unloading, and maintenance purposes. This exception is allowed twice per week when 30 hours separates each occurrence.Click here for a printable RV handout

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