I am a good landlord, this seems like an unfair burden.

Our assumption in Moline is that you are a good landlord. This program is designed to assist landlords in continuing to offer safe, affordable housing in Moline. It also helps establish an education platform and a communication method to our Crime Prevention Unit to assist landlords. Often times landlords are not aware of call volume or issues at their property and we have found that landlords want to be proactive in having good rental property in Moline. 

Only the seminar is required. The other two phases are always voluntary. The requirements for landlords are fairly minimal and are not overly burdensome. 

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1. What is considered a nuisance property?
2. Does this ordinance unfairly target victims of abuse?
3. I am concerned this will impact undocumented immigrants.
4. This program seems to be discriminatory to convicted felons.
5. I own rental property, do I have to attend a seminar?
6. I own a single family rental, does this apply?
7. I am a good landlord, this seems like an unfair burden.
8. I own property in another city and have a Crime Free certification. Do I have to attend?
9. I don't live in the QCA, can I attend remotely?
10. Will the police notify me of violations on my property?
11. How long do I have to get tenants to sign the lease addendum?
12. What happens if I don't attend a class or add the lease addendum?
13. What are the fines associated with this ordinance?