I don't live in the QCA, can I attend remotely?

Section 8-7203 of the Moline Code requires that you have a local agent and, under the Crime-Free program, it is sufficient if the local agent attends. Pursuant to the code definition, a Local Agent means a person who is a natural resident of Rock Island County, Illinois, who is appointed by a property owner to accept service of notice on behalf of the property owner when said owner is not a natural resident of Rock Island County, Illinois.

We do not have any plans to offer the Crime Free Housing Program educational seminar via remote attendance.  Our Community Room has sufficient square footage to allow for social distancing of small groups and facemasks are required in the room.  The Public Works staff sanitizes the room after each use in addition to our fogging system that is used on tables and chairs.  Additionally, high touch areas in the lobby are sanitized on a frequent basis by our cleaning staff. 

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9. I don't live in the QCA, can I attend remotely?
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