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LEO CEO Policy Survey

  1. Law Enforcement Agency
  2. Do you do diversity recruiting?
  3. Do you have civilian commission that does the applicant testing?
    Civil service, merit board, police commission
  4. Do you conduct thorough background investigations
  5. Do you give psychological testing to job offer candidates?
  6. Has your agency done de-escalation training?
  7. Aside from the state law, does your agency ban chokeholds?
  8. Does your agency have a duty to intervene policy?
  9. Does your agency have a policy restricting shooting at moving vehicles?
  10. Do you have a Use of Force Continuum?
  11. For example Level 1 - Compliant Level 2 - Passive Aggressive Level 3 - Active Resisting Level 4 - Aggressive Assailant Level 5 - Deadly Force
  12. Do you require officers to give a verbal warning before shooting?
    I believe there is case law on this that if feasible the officer should give a warning. It could be drop the gun.
  13. Do you require Use of Force reports?
  14. Do you require Cultural Bias training?
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