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Leaf Collection
Vacuuming ServiceLeaf Vacuum
Moline’s leaf vacuuming service runs between October 12 through December 4, 2015, weather permitting. The City has been divided into three areas from river to river. Two vacuuming crews will be working in each area Monday through Friday from north to south (1st Avenue to 52nd Avenue). Crews will begin working at the location where they ended the previous day. During the leaf collection period, residents may view the leaf collection map or call the Leaf Hotline at 309.524.2407 to hear a pre-recorded message of the locations of the vacuums.

For optimum operations of vacuum equipment, residents should rake leaves close to, but not on the roadway surface. Rocks, sticks, or other debris should not be placed in the leaf pile as they can cause damage to the equipment that can cause delays in vacuuming while repairs are being made. Residents should refrain from parking vehicles in front of leaves during leaf collection periods, as this makes it difficult to maneuver the vacuums and the heat from car engines can ignite leaves.

Beginning Monday, November 30, 2015, crews will be working as follows:

Area 1
1st Street to 15th Street A, south of 34th Avenue
15th Street A to 19th Street, south of 28th Avenue

Area 2
19th Street to 29th Street, south of 25th Avenue
29th Street to 41st Street, south of 23rd Avenue

Area 3
41st Street to East Moline, south of 38th Avenue

Yard Waste Bags

Leaves and grass clippings may be placed in biodegradable paper yard waste bags available at local retailers.  City of Moline stickers are required from April 6 through October 9, 2015.  Stickers are available for $2 at the Moline Finance Department, 1630 - 8th Avenue and most local hardware and grocery stores.  Stickers are not required from October 12 through December 11, 2015.   Bags are to be placed at least three feet from the garbage cart on the scheduled garbage collection days. Residents are encouraged to bag their leaves and take advantage of the "sticker-free" leaf bag collection period, rather than wait for the leaf vacuum collection. Leaf vacuuming is intended to aid in leaf disposal during the peak season and should not be considered the primary means of disposal.

Green Leaf Disposal
Residents may consider the most environmentally-friendly option of mulching or composting their leaves as a green method of leaf disposal.

Please note that burning of leaves, tree branches, and grass clippings is prohibited.