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Adult Fitness
Health Benefits
It's never too late to become active. In addition to enhancing your quality of life and ability to pursue your interests, physical activity for all ages plays an important role in preventing health problems and managing those common disorders that might already be present, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and elevated cholesterol. Significant health benefits can be seen by including just a moderate amount of exercise into your lifestyle.

10,000 Step Program
Walking 10,000 steps a day has been promoted as an easy way to stay healthy and de-stress. Ben Butterworth Parkway has signage along portions of the trail announcing home many steps taken from one point to the next.

Genesis Healthbeat 
IMG_6699 (800x534)_thumb.jpg
Located at Ben Butterworth Memorial Parkway - 22-55 St-River Dr.
Moline Parks and Recreation and Genesis Power Sports Performance invite
you to take a break from the trail and tackle the Genesis Healthbeat outdoor system, where you can enjoy the best of the gym in the great outdoors.
Genesis Healthbeat stations include: Balance Steps, Cardio Stepper, Plyometrics, Assisted Row/Push-up, Tai Chi Wheels, Squat Press, Chest/
Back Press, Ab Crunch/Leg Lift and Pull-Up/Dip.