32nd Street Reconstruction Project

The 32nd Street Reconstruction Project will take place between 15th Avenue and 18th Avenue in Moline.  The project will include pavement replacement with an asphalt pavement structure, sidewalk installation on the east side of the road, water main replacement, sanitary sewer lining, drainage improvements and storm sewer installation, and other associated work.

This project will be constructed using tax funds for electric and gas usage.

This location was chosen due to it being a discolored water location.

Timeline:  Spring / Summer 2018

Contractor:  Langman Construction

Capital Improvement Project:  #1284


  • Tax on Electric and Gas Usage $330,000
  • Water $180,000
  • Sanitary Sewer $35,000
  • Stormwater $85,000

Contact:  Darrel Preston, Construction Manager

                (309) 524-2355