Federal Resurfacing Project, Location #1

Federal Resurfacing Project, Location #1

12th Avenue, between 34th and 53rd Streets, will be resurfaced with asphalt as part of a federally-funded overlay project in 2018.  This is location #1 of 2.

The project will include an asphalt overlay of the existing pavement.  Other work will include pavement patching, curb repairs, sidewalk improvements, driveway repairs, drainage improvements, and other related work.

This project is being funded 80% using federal funds, and 20% using Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) funds.

This location was chosen because the existing concrete pavement is in adequate condition, meaning it doesn’t need reconstructed, however the pavement life could be extended if overlaid with asphalt.

Timeline:  Summer / Fall 2018

Contractor:  TBD

Capital Improvement Project:  #MFT 268


  • Federal Funds $1,550,900
  • Motor Fuel Tax Funds $399,100

Contact:  Darrel Preston, Construction Manager

                (309) 524-2355