Zoning & Land Development Public Hearings

Public Hearing Applications - Pending

Note: Dates provided indicate first Plan Commission or Zoning Hearing Officer Public Hearing. 

Public Hearing Applications - Approved

Public Hearing Applications - Denied /  Tabled / Withdrawn 

COVID-19 Public Hearing Rules of Procedure

These Rules of Procedure are designed to ensure a fair and thorough public hearing process during the COVID-19 pandemic consistent, as much as possible, with constitutional due process requirements as established in the Sec. 11-13-25(b) of the Illinois Municipal Code, 65 ILCS 5/11-13-25(b).


Cross Examination Registration Form

If you wish to cross-examine the applicant or any applicant witnesses, you must register using the Cross Examination Registration Form.

Interested Party Appearance Form

Persons wishing to appear as "Interested Parties," shall identify themselves as such by completing and filing the Interested Party Appearance Form.

For any other information regarding Zoning & Land Development Public Hearings, please contact the Land Development Manager at (309) 524-2050.