The Moline Police Department budget for 2022 was $13,848,637. The difference from 2021 was largely attributed to pension bond savings.  

The Moline Police Department budget for 2021 was $17,681,679. 

The Moline Police Department has come in under budget every year 2019-2022. 

 For more details, please see a copy on the city website under Finance at this link: CLICK HERE


City of MolineMoline Police Department (Jan 2023)

Crime Statistics

The FBI's Crime Data Explorer (CDE) aims to provide transparency, create easier access, and expand awareness of criminal, and noncriminal, law enforcement data sharing; improve accountability for law enforcement; and provide a foundation to help shape public policy with the result of a safer nation. Use the CDE to discover available data through visualizations, download data in .csv format, and other large data files. 

The Moline Police Department submits crime statistics through the State and subsequently on to the FBI.  Crime Statistics are typically at minimum a year behind due to FBI timelines. 

To access Crime Statistics for the City of Moline, please navigate to the FBI Crime Data Explorer at this website: CLICK HERE

The user of the Crime Data Explorer can navigate to the State of Illinois by clicking on our state on the interactive map. Once there, a user can enter in a specific city, such as Moline, and explore crime statistics for a variety of data sets and years. 

Call Volume

The Moline Police Department handles nearly 60,000 incidents every year. An incident can arise from a variety of sources to include a 911 call, a non-emergency call, a walk-in report, a citizen contact, or initiated by a police officer. The Moline Police Department is the busiest department in the Illinois Quad Cities metro area. 

call volume 2

call volume 3

call volume


The Moline Police Department has a robust supervisory oversight and complaint procedure. The majority of our department complaints are initiated by the department or a specific supervisor for performance related issues such as a fleet accident or small mistake. Just like any other job, police officers make mistakes. The purpose of discipline is to maintain order and correct behavior to have an efficient and effective organization. Police Officers are also entitled to due process and rights, just like any other employee. 

The below chart indicates the Type of Complaint (Department, Self Identified Individual, or Third Party) and Category of complaint. 


Biased Based Complaints

More information about the departments efforts to reduce and eliminate biased based profiling from policing are below in FAQ #7. The Moline Police Department received 2 biased policing complaints in 2022 and 0 biased policing complaints in 2021. 

Use of Force Statistics

More information about the department use of force guidelines are below in FAQ #2. The Moline Police Department filed 156 Use of Force Reports in 2022 and 181 Use of Force Reports in 2021. Use of Force continues to be less that 1% of our police interactions each year. 

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