11th Avenue C Reconstruction and 52nd Street Court Road Maintenance

The City will be updating the roadways in front of and around Ben Franklin School in the summer of 2021.  This includes reconstructing the pavement on 11th Avenue C from 53rd Street to 54th Street; patching the pavement on 11th Avenue C from the dead end to 53rd Street; and resurfacing the pavement on 52nd Street Court from 11th Avenue C north to the dead end.

This project is funded through Motor Fuel Tax funds, and the location was chosen due to the deteriorating pavement condition.

Timeline:   Summer 2021

Contractor:  TBD

Capital Improvement Project:  MFT 280


  • Motor Fuel Tax:  $390,000
  • Water:  $15,000
  • Sanitary Sewer:  $10,000
  • Stormwater:  $10,000

Contact:  Darrel Preston, Construction Manager

(309) 524-2355