2021 Water Main Lining Program

Three locations in Moline will receive water main lining in the summer of 2021.  They are:

45th Street, north of 34th Avenue

28th Avenue, east of 53rd Street

51st / 52nd Street, south of 34th Avenue

This water main liner is designed to fit inside of the existing water main and will eliminate problems with discolored water and will have the strength of a new water main once complete. 

During construction, a bypass water main will be installed to keep customers in service.  Construction will take place in the summer of 2021.  This project is being funded through water utility funds.

Timeline:   Summer 2021

Contractor:  TBD

Capital Improvement Project:  1355


  • Water:  $750,000

Contact:  Darrel Preston, Construction Manager

(309) 524-2355