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Red Rocks Downtown Moline

The Moline Public Art Vision

Arts and culture are life-and spirit-enhancing experiences and play such an important role in our community. A robust representation of public art in a city demonstrates a richness of character while creating places that attract people. 

A unique partnership has made the Public Art Commission and the Public Art and Placemaking Plan possible. Together, the City and a large number of stakeholders have established a vision for downtown.  We have laid out our aspirations for corridors and public spaces that are animated and inviting, and specific areas that will be enhanced under the Plan. These spaces will be assets to our public realm and our downtown and will make downtown a more vibrant place to live, work, play, visit and learn.  This Plan seeks to implement public art that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age, income, or physical ability. It directs diversity both in the type of art that will be implemented, and in the people it represents. 

Building a dynamic urban core animated by public art contributes to economic vitality by creating places where people want to be and to invest.  The Public Art Commission meets monthly or more to seek funding through federal, state and local grants along with private and non-profit support; and the Commission also uses the development process to focus investments in public art into future development and infrastructure projects.  The Commission reviews public art proposals and programs in Moline Centre and Floreciente.  Working together, we can build upon the current momentum and continue to make downtown Moline and the Quad Cities the best they can be.

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