Events & Programs

Echoes from Riverside

Each September, staff and volunteers organize an historical cemetery walk. Actors portray various persons buried in Riverside Cemetery to give the participants a feel of what life was like years ago. If you are interested in attending this walk or volunteering to assist, please contact the cemetery office at 309.524.2435.

Flag Day Celebration

A flag day celebration is held annually at Moline Memorial Park on June 14. This event includes a live ensemble playing a mixture of music including patriotic music. Please check with the Park Office at 309.524.2424 or click here to view the Activity Guide for event specifics.

Cemetery Tours

Various Tours are available for groups through Riverside Cemetery. Tours can focus on historical figures, architecture, monument art, nature, and more. Please contact the cemetery office at 309.524.2435 or the park office at 309.524.2424 for more information about group tours.