Criminal Investigations Division

The Moline Police Department Criminal Investigation Division is staffed by civilian and sworn employees. CID is responsible for the follow-up investigation of crimes and the implementation of community programs such as neighborhood watch. CID is made up of the following units:

Adult Crimes Investigations

This unit investigates all serious crimes, including murder, robbery, property crimes, crimes against persons, and computer related crime.

Juvenile Crimes Investigations

This unit investigates all crimes/offenses involving juveniles. This unit has specially trained juvenile investigators well versed in handling all criminal and status offenses involving juveniles. Juvenile detectives frequently work with area social agencies when dealing with juvenile issues.

Referral Agencies:

  • Child Abuse Hotline - (800).25.ABUSE
  • DCFS (Local Office) - 309.794.3500
  • Youth Service Bureau - 309.793.3460
  • Catholic Charities - 309.794.2200

Street Crimes

This unit is comprised of undercover detectives who are assigned to proactive enforcement with an emphasis on targeting drug and gang-related crimes. They specialize in the development of confidential sources and covert investigations.

Crime Stoppers

This unit is responsible for sorting and disseminating tips that come through the Crime Stoppers program. This unit is tasked with managing through participation in all facets of the Crime Stoppers program and maintaining an active role on the Crime Stoppers board. This division also participates in and organizes fundraisers.

High School and Middle School Liaisons

This unit maintains a presence at all of the high schools and Jr. high schools in Moline. They investigate all criminal matters involving the schools and work hand in hand with school administrators to ensure a safe environment at all school functions. Each liaison officer also manages a Crime Stoppers program at their respective school.

Gang Task Force/ Metropolitan Enforcement Group

CID supplies one detective each to GTF and MEG. GTF is a federally managed multi-jurisdictional task force which concentrates its efforts on gang crime enforcement. The MEG is a multi-jurisdictional task force concentrating on drug crime enforcement.