2020 CDBG Sub-Recipient Grant Program


About the Program

The Department of Housing and Urban Development allows entitlement recipients to allocate up to 15% of the total program year allocation to fund activities that are considered public services. Based on this, the City of Moline, through the Citizens Advisory Council on Urban Policy (CACUP) and the City Council, offers the sub-recipient grant funds for projects and activities that serve targeted populations or have a community-wide benefit. Funds are available to public and private organizations.

CDBG funds are made available by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Applications are made available annually and awarded for the following fiscal year. Applications for the fiscal year 2020, for the City of Moline CDBG Program, are due on May 1, 2019, 4:30 p.m. Interested applicants who miss this deadline must wait until the application process reopens in 2020 for the following fiscal year. If you have any questions please contact K. J. Whitley,309.524.2044.


Applications submitted in 2019 will be awarded for fiscal year 2020. Submitted applications must be complete and include and all required attachments. All Subrecipients are required to have a DUNS number and active Sam’s registration within thirty days of CACUP recommendations to the Moline City Council. For a complete application packet, please click here. You may also view our City of Moline Neighborhood Partnerships Map and our Census Tract Map to assist you with completion of your application. For technical assistance or for a word version of the application please call 309.524.2044.