Private Signs on Public Property

Private signs may not be placed on utility poles, public signs or equipment, or anywhere in the right-of-way -- public land encompassing all streets, parkways, boulevards, sidewalks, utilities, and other public infrastructure. Unlawful signs within the right-of-way will be confiscated and discarded, and the owner subjected to full costs for removal and disposal. Violators may also be subject to fines and penalties in accordance with City ordinance.

Banners and Temporary Signs

All lots are allowed one (1) temporary sign per lot frontage when placed on private property; a permit is not required. All lots are also entitled to one (1) freestanding banner per lot frontage; a permit is not required for a banner but the size is limited to 36 square feet in total area. Wall-mounted banners are limited to 1 per entrance and must meet size limitations established for the applicable zoning district.

Prohibited Signs

Certain types of signs are prohibited in the City of Moline including (but not limited to): portable signs, animated signs, moving or flashing signs, and any signs designed to move with normal wind currents (i.e. "flag" signs). Pennants, spinners, streamers, inflatable signs, tethered balloons, and nonconforming banners are also prohibited except during one temporary occurrence not exceeding 7 consecutive days per calendar year; permits are not required. For a complete list of prohibited signs, refer to Sec. 3-2104 of the sign code.

Permanent Signs

Regulations for permanent signs are based on the zoning district and street frontage of a property. Properties in more intensive zoning districts with larger street frontages are generally allowed more signage than smaller, less intensively zoned properties. Permits are required for permanent signs. Applications are available for download. You may also view the sign code here. Accept the disclaimer and click on Chapter 3, “Advertising and Signs”.