Snow Removal

Snow Removal Progress Map

When there is an active snow event, this application will default to show how long ago each street has been plowed or salted.  Residents can search for an address and click or tap on streets of interest to see when they have last been visited.  If there is not an active snow event, this application will display the different snow route priorities.  Click or tap here to launch the Snow Removal Progress map.

Winter Preparedness & Snow Plan

The City clears ice and snow from all arterial (main) streets and from streets around hospitals and emergency centers as well as schools prior to plowing residential and side streets. (Certain expressway segments and thoroughfares are the responsibility of Rock Island County and the Illinois Department of Transportation.)

Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

A list of frequently asked questions or concerns regarding snow removal can be found here.


Once snow begins to fall, the Public Works Department will work 24/7 until the streets are cleared. Many main streets and thoroughfares in the City are Snow Routes also, view the Snow Route Map. The routes are marked with red, white, and blue signs that read “Snow Route – Tow Away Zone.” Snow routes are designed to keep main streets clear for snow plows and emergency vehicles during heavy snows. It is unlawful to park or allow a vehicle to be parked on a snow route after it has been determined that two or more inches of snow will fall.

Parking on Snow Route

Police officers are authorized to ticket and tow any vehicle that is parked on the snow routes, if necessary. Police will try to locate owners of vehicles before they are towed. If your car is towed for that reason, you may contact the Moline Police Department at the non-emergency number, 309.797.0401. The dispatcher answering the telephone will be able to give you information on where your car is located and how you can retrieve it. See the Snow Removal Code.