Fleet Services Division

The Fleet Services Division provides a centralized fleet to all the departments in the City of Moline. The City’s 380 pieces of equipment includes vehicles, trucks, heavy construction equipment, police cars and emergency response vehicles. The City's maintenance program provides regular preventive maintenance as well as any unscheduled repairs by Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified mechanics.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and repairs to equipment are performed by using two shifts. The largest majority of the staff members are on a 4 - 10 hour night, evening shift. This work scheduling allows the fleet availabity to average 95.13% annually. 92.45% of all work orders are completed in less than 1 day. 2.67% of work orders are completed in 1-2 days and 4.88% are completed in more than 2 days.

Fleet Services is a paperless shop. Data from the shop floor is transmitted live by technicians that are connected through a wireless hub on Panasonic Semi-Toughbooks.

Corrective maintenance is based on uniformity and life cycle costing measurements. Utilization of historical maintenance reports allows accurate accounting for anticipated equipment values and replacement scheduling.

Fleet Services prepares the specifications to purchase all automotive, and light and heavy truck equipment.

The Fleet Services division also coordinates repair work contracted to outside commercial vendors.

Fleet Services insources maintenance and repair work from 10 neighboring government agencies such as the Rock Island Arsenal, the Coal Valley Fire Department, the Silvis Fire Department and Black Hawk College.

Central Fuel Facility

The Fleet Division is responsible for the central fuel facility that provides Biodiesel, Unleaded, E85 and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuels under an LED lighted canopy, 365 days per year. Fleet Services provides fuel at the central fuel island to all City departments as well as external customers such as the City of East Moline, Black Hawk College, Moline School District, Moline Housing Authority and the TaxSlayer Center.