Ordinance Violations

The City of Moline Code of Ordinances contains a variety of laws/regulations adopted by the City Council, which are effective within the City limits and which prohibit certain actions or behaviors that are contrary to the public’s health, safety, and welfare. An ordinance violation, also referred to as an “OV,” is a violation of the City’s Code of Ordinances and is considered a “quasi-criminal” violation. A few examples of OVs include retail theft, disorderly conduct, truancy, curfew, unlawful possession of alcohol by minors, and trespass to land, as well as various building, housing and zoning violations.


OVs are prosecuted by corporation counsel through Court or through other administrative processes such as administrative fees or MUNICES. See Court Information for additional reference to the Court and/or MUNICES.


  • Moline OVs are punishable by a fine, not jail time (unless subsequent contempt of court is found).
  • The maximum fine for an OV is $750 plus court costs per day of the violation.
  • Ordinance violators may also be ordered to perform community service work or be placed upon court supervision or conditional discharge, an informal type of probation.

Legal Representation

Anyone charged with an OV has the right to hire an attorney at his or her cost. Public defenders are not available for OV cases.