Plan Review & Submittal

Reduce Process Approval Time

In an effort to reduce the amount of time required to obtain a building permit, building and inspections has established the following plan review requirements. The following requirements shall serve as a tool customers can utilize to submit complete construction plan submittals, thereby reducing the need for multiple plan submittals and avoiding lengthy time delays. Please note that these requirements should be followed if the scope of work is applicable.

Incomplete Plans

City staff attempts to complete the plan review process within or before the minimum of 15 business days, however, the process depends on the scope of the project and the accuracy of submittals. Incomplete plan submittals will not be reviewed and will be returned with a notice to submit complete plans. Plan review begins only after all required documents are submitted satisfactorily.

Life Safety / Structural Changes

In accordance with the Illinois Architectural Practice Act, interior design services for a building that involves life safety or structural changes require that the documents be prepared by an Illinois licensed design professional. All commercial projects that involve life safety or structural changes shall submit stamped plans. Please visit the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulation and/or Illinois Architecture Practice Act websites for additional information.

Interior Space Planning

Projects that require stamped architectural plans may also require stamped mechanical and electrical drawings at the code manager’s discretion for more complex projects involving interior space planning. Quite often interior space planning involves mechanical or electrical systems and other areas requiring expertise beyond the capabilities of an unlicensed individual. Those systems requiring the application of engineering principles and data must be designed and the documents stamped by an Illinois licensed professional engineer, structural engineer or architect. Buildings previously exempted may require an Illinois licensed designed professional if there is a change of use or occupancy type.

In accordance with the Illinois Plumbing License Law, plumbing for interior space planning may be designed by a licensed Illinois plumber.

Commercial Facilities

Construction projects involving privately funded commercial facilities and for which a municipality or county requires a building permit must comply with the Illinois Energy Conservation Code (IECC) if the project involves new construction.

Plan Review Checklist

Please refer to the city’s plan review checklist guide on the back of this page for your next project plan review submittal.