Moving Contractor

$25,000 License / Permit Bond

Note: Must be on City of Moline bond form and have insurance seal, original signatures, and power of attorney form attached.

Continuous bond until canceled by 60-day written notice.

Hold Harmless agreement

Certificate of Insurance

Show City of Moline as certificate holder with 30-day written cancellation notice.

Public Liability & Property Damage Insurance

  • $300,000 per occurrence of property damage
  • $500,000 per occurrence for injury to persons

Certified Check to Finance Department

Amount determined by finance officer to offset costs expended by city personnel in assisting with moving operation (Chapter 8, Section 5702, Moline Code of Ordinances).

Trees That Need To Be Trimmed / Removed

Said building moving shall first be approved by the Superintendent of Parks and the work performed in connection therewith shall be performed by reliable, bonded and insured tree trimmers, approved by the Superintendent of Parks and as by Moline Code of Ordinances.

Contractor Registration

Please fill out the contractor registration form and make the annual $75 fee payable to City of Moline.