License Requirements

Food Establishments

Food Plan Review

Equipment Requirements

The following items are required in any establishment applying for a Food License.

  1. A ware washing sink with three compartments. Each compartment shall be sized to allow for the immersion of the largest piece of equipment washed, including drain boards on either side. A three compartment sink is required as a back-up ware washing option for those facilities that have automatic ware washing machines;
  2. A food preparation sink for produce washing, thawing of food products etc. if applicable;
  3. A utility/mop sink; 
  4. Handwashing stations in each food preparation and ware-washing area; and
  5. A grease interceptor.
  6. Establishments that upgrade their operations to higher risk categories after opening may be required to install additional sinks/equipment.

All installed equipment must be of commercial grade and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved.


The floors, walls, and ceilings in the food preparation, utensil washing, food storage, and food service areas shall be smoother, non-absorbent, and easily cleanable in order to facilitate cleaning. The floor / wall junctures shall be sealed with a coving base. Materials such as concrete and raw wood will need to have sealant in order to ensure clean-ability. 

Plan Review

Complete the Plan Review for food facilities. The plan review shall be completed prior to construction. Approval from the Health Authority is required in order for construction to begin. Include a proposed menu and site plan drawing.