Private Property Complaints

Neighborhood Improvement Officer

The city's neighborhood improvement officer (NIO) performs the lead role in the prevention, enforcement and abatement of housing; nuisance, vegetation, zoning, and sign code violations. The NIO serves as the city's liaison to neighborhood groups and residents for problem identification and solutions. This position was introduced by the city in 2001.


Brad Hauman serves as the city's neighborhood improvement officer. The NIO works closely with other departments to address multiple neighborhood problems (i.e. substandard housing, illegal dumping and litter, street lighting, alley maintenance, drainage, etc.), and is actively working on the development and implementation of neighborhood based improvement programs.


Through the NIO's efforts, the City strives to obtain compliance through education and time. When compliance has not been obtained on Code violation properties, cases are prosecuted using the Municipal Code Enforcement System (MUNICES)