1st Ward

Scott Williams

2nd Ward

David Parker Jr 89x133.jpg

3rd Ward

Mike Wendt 88x134.jpg

4th Ward

Dick Potter 89x133.jpg

5th Ward

Alderman Moyer 90 130

6th Ward

Kevin Schoonmaker 89x133.png

7th Ward

Alderman Waldron 89x133.png


Alderman Berg

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Useful facts:

  • Moline has a Council-City Administrator form of local government. 
  • The Aldermen are elected to a four year term, with half of the aldermen elected every two years. 
  • The Aldermen are paid $8000 annually and meet approximately 36 times per year. 
  • Five members constitute a quorum, which is required to conduct City business. 
  • The City Council is responsible for setting all municipal policies and legislative action such as adopting ordinances and resolutions, determining the tax rate, and approving the annual budget and contracts. 
  • The City Administrator is appointed to carry out municipal policies with the assistance of the entire city staff, and to ensure that the entire community is being served. 

Election Information 

See the Municipal Elections page for detailed election information or contact the City Clerk's office at 309.524.2004.