Why Do I Need a Permit?


Building permits are important in protecting your safety and the safety of those around you. The City of Moline requires permits so that it can ensure that construction is being done properly and in accordance with all life safety requirements and all building codes. This process provides assurance that your project is safe and built to last.


Moreover, the permit process provides you with protection. It ensures that you comply with the codes, which are law as they have been adopted by the City Council and incorporated in the City of Moline Code of Ordinances. Having a permit also ensures that your property maintains its value and makes it easier to sell your home if you can demonstrate that all construction work done on your house meets code requirements.


The permit process also gives you access to qualified inspectors who can provide knowledge and guidance throughout your construction project. They are interested in developing and redeveloping the City of Moline and look forward to working with you to reach this common goal.