City’s Plan Review Checklist Guide


Before you submit your building plan for the review process make sure that you have all of the things on this checklist have been complete so that your approval is not slowed down.

  • Code Analysis: Title block, type of work being done, type of construction, use group, installed fire protection, and design options
  • RES/COM Checks: If applicable, Illinois Energy Conservation Code compliance certificate
  • Electrical Plans: Fixtures, outlets, panels, conduit, schedules, etc.
  • Grading Plan: Benchmark information and drainage
  • Handicap Accessibility Requirements: Required elements for accessibility, specific facility type requirements, and exterior and interior requirements
  • Health Plans: Restaurant layout, kitchen equipment, copy of menu, etc. are required for all projects involving food and drink preparation / activities and/or food establishments.
  • Mechanical Plans: Duct design, catalog cuts, vent schedule, etc.
  • Permit Application: All relative information must be supplied and the application permit must be signed.
  • Plan Review Fees: Plan review fees shall be paid at the time plans are submitted for review.
  • Plans: Plans issued for review are required to be ready for construction. No preliminary plans. Plans shall be 24’’ X 36” in size and indicate wall, floor, foundation, elevations, sections, and details on them. Two identical sets are required and they shall be bound. Stamped architectural drawings are required for any project that involves life safety and/or structural changes.
  • Plumbing Plans: Riser diagrams, fixture count, type of piping, etc.
  • Site Plan: Pre-construction and post-construction contours, cut and fill quantities addressed, lot dimensions, streets, parking, structures with dimensions, and setback distances. Larger projects may also require additional site plans such as lighting, landscaping, etc
  • Sprinkler Plans: Number and location of fixtures, occupancy, etc.
  • Sub-Contractors Declared: If your sub-contractors have been awarded, the responsible parties must be listed on the building permit application.
  • Utility Plan: Location of sanitary sewer, fire hydrants, and outside lighting