Animal Control

Number of Pets Allowable Per Household

City of Moline residents may keep up to four dogs or four cats or any combination of four. Any more than four are in violation of Moline City Ordinance and are subject to impoundment and disposal. No more than two rabbits over six weeks old may be kept at a single residence.

Animal Shelter.png


Prohibited Animals

The following animals are prohibited within the City:

  • Beekeeping
  • Dangerous animals (such as monkeys, raccoons, poisonous and constrictor snakes and lizards, lions, tigers, bears, etc.)
  • Domestic livestock (cows, pigs, etc.)
  • Wild animals

Animal Cages, Runs & Pens

Cages, runs, and pens must be constructed at least 5 feet from property lines and 20 feet from neighboring buildings meant for human habitation.

Dogs & Cats In Heat

While any female dog or cat is in heat it must be kept in a secure enclosure. Animals not kept enclosed while in heat are subject to impound.

Reporting Animal Bites & Attacks

Anyone who owns or keeps a dog or cat that bites or attacks, or approaches a person on a public place with an attitude of attack, is required to report same to the Moline Police Department / Animal Control by calling 309.797.0401. Any person who is the victim of a bite or attack is also required to report the incident within 24 hours. Any animal that has bitten a human being is subject to impound.