Employee Resources

Contact Numbers

  • EAP (Employee Assistance Program)  800-624-5544 
  • HR Staff     
  • MissionSquare/ICMA-RC  800-669-7400 
  • IMRF  800-275-4673
  • Nurse  309-524-2064
  • UMR (medical, dental, and vision insurance)  800-826-9781

Who do I contact?

Q: Help! I lost my key fob.
Q: I need a new employee ID card.
Q: Suggestions for this page?
A: Fawn 

Q: I have questions about insurance. Q: Even though I love my job with the City, I'm ready to retire.
A: Ashley

Q: I would like to update my tax forms.
Q: I would like to update my direct deposit information.
A: Elizabeth

Q: I will be off work for a while and need FMLA paperwork.
A: Annette

Human Resources