Chapel Mausoleum

Today, Riverside Park is located between the lower and upper cemeteries. All of this land was originally cemetery property, referred to as, “The Green”, by William Le Baron Jenney on his 1874 design of Riverside Cemetery. The addition of a public Mausoleum was considered desirable here by the Cemetery Board in 1911 and plans for its construction were formulated. A Greek Revival-Style Mausoleum was built of number one Peerless Bluff Stone, with polished marble interior, enhanced with numerous stained glass windows. Several hundred people attended the Mausoleum dedication on December 16, 1916. To learn more about the Chapel Mausoleum and Riverside Cemetery, you will want to look at the book, “Echoes from Riverside Cemetery".

Riverside Cemetery Chapel Mausoleum
Chapel Mausoleum Window