Classifications & Options

Classifications & Fees

Class Description Options/Permits Eligible Annual Fee
Class A Consumption on Premises Incidental Activity
(restaurant, banquet hall, theater, bowling alley, recreational facility) 
1, 2, Off/On-Site Special Use $1,400.00
Class B* Tavern 1,2,3, Off/On-Site Special Use  
Class C Packaged Sales Only  N/A $1,400.00
Class D Not-for-Profit Organization - Club/Church 1, Off/On-Site Special Use $700.00
Class E Caterer's License (In City) N/A $400.00
Class EE Caterer's Registration (Out-of-City) N/A $700
Class F  Hotel/Motel 1, Off/On-Site Special Use $1,400.00
Class G Specialty Retailer 1, Off/On-Site Special Use $1,400.00
Class H Civic Center 1, Off/On-Site Special Use $6,800.00
Class I** Special Event No-for-Profit N/A $25.00/Event
Class II** Special Event Hosted Bar (BSL) N/A $25.00/Event
Class III** Special Event Homebrewer N/A $25.00/Event
Class K Video Gaming Establishment N/A $5,000

Options & Fees

Options/Permits Description Annual Fee
Outdoor Use N/A
Extended Hours 3 a.m. $1,000.00
Self-Pour N/A
Off-Site SUP** Retailer's Off-Site Special Use Permit (Public Property)   $25.00/Event
On-Site SUP** Retailer's On-Site Outdoor Special Use Permit  $25.00/Event

* There shall be no more than twenty (20) Class B licenses issued at any one time within the City.

** Special Event / Special Use - for purposes of this fee, an event may cover multiple days as long as it is at the
same location and for the same purpose and is submitted under one special event license application.