What are the requirements for building a fence?

A fence 6’ tall or less may be built up to, but not on or over, the side and rear property lines in residential zoning districts. Fences built within the front yard setback shall not be more than 42 inches in height, and not less than one foot from the property line. A permit is not required for fences that are 6 feet tall or less. Acceptable materials include: wrought iron, plastic, wood, brick, stone, stucco, wire and other materials with a similar look. Unacceptable materials that are visible from adjoining properties, streets or right-of-ways include glass, tires, unfinished concrete blocks, recovered salvaged materials, or similar materials. All fences with two sides of different quality and/or with posts on one side shall be erected such that the higher quality side and/or side without posts faces the adjoining property. Additional restrictions apply for fences to be placed on corner lots or fences taller than 6 feet. Please email the Land Development Manager or call at 309.524.2050 for additional details.

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