Why is the Drainage Permit fee so expensive?
The Drainage Permit process was developed in response to Federally mandated pollution control standards. The City does not receive any funding to carry out the program; however, and the permit fees support the issuance of permits, site inspections and enforcement actions. The fee collected is used to offset staff, vehicle and material costs to prevent undue hardship on the City budget.

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1. Why does Moline have a Drainage Permit?
2. Do I need a permit?
3. When will my site be inspected?
4. If I don’t need a permit, do I still need erosion control?
5. Why is the permit threshold (500 square foot land disturbance) so low?
6. Why is the Drainage Permit fee so expensive?
7. I took out the Drainage Permit but someone else (homeowner, subcontractor) violated the Ordinance. Why am I in trouble?
8. I’m a contractor / homebuilder / landscaper not an erosion control company. How do I learn about erosion control?
9. Do I have to hire an engineer to obtain a permit?
10. What if I already started the project?
11. How long does it take to obtain a permit?